No turbo for Subaru BRZ STI coupe


The Subaru BRZ coupe and its Toyota GT 86 twin are easily among the most exciting cars launched this decade.

You'd have to view cars in the same light as washing machines if you were not to see some appeal in back-to-basics rear-wheel drive coupes such as these. But red-blooded enthusiasts are still asking some questions - like why does its boxer engine only have 147kW?

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KING OF BLING: Expect the hotter Scoobie coupe to take its styling inspiration from the BRZ STI Concept pictured here.

Needless to say that we're all keen to find out what the inevitable 'hot' versions will have on offer and we've just come across a few important facts about Subaru's BRZ STI.

In an interview with Auto Express magazine, Subaru's marketing head Atoshi Atake admitted that Subaru is working on a more powerful version of the BRZ.

However, the company also says that it will not turbo charge the 2-litre flat-four found in the BRZ as there is not enough space for an intercooler in the front section of the engine bay.

What's the plan then? According to Atake, there is room for improvement in the intake system. Revisions to the variable valve control system and a more freely-flowing exhaust are also on the cards.

The result, according to the magazine, will be a power output of 186kW - still not a huge figure, but consider that the standard car weighs a mere 1250kg.

The STI's design will naturally be inspired by the BRZ STI concept that Subaru showed off to the Americans at the Los Angeles Motor Show last year - but we imagine that massive 'ironing board' boot spoiler will be toned down for the production car.

As for the hotter Toyota GT 86, previous reports indicate that a TRD version is in the works and that it will indeed be force-fed, albeit by a supercharger.

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