Subaru BRZ gets more power, auto 'box


Sometimes the simplest way to do something is the old-fashioned way; Subaru SA has added 7kW to the power output of its BRZ coupé - sister car to the Toyota 86 and the brand's only rear-wheel drive model - by the time-honoured expedient of making the optional "performance" exhaust a standard fitting.

Nobody's making any secret that the (barely) street-legal free-flow kerzorst is also a good deal more authoritative - which will go down well among petrolheads everywhere.

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Quoted power from the naturally-aspirated two-litre boxer is up from 147 to 154kW.Now you can paddle your own Subaru.

Quoted power output form the naturally-aspirated two-litre flat four 'boxer' is up from 147 to 154kW at the same 7000 revs, with peak torque unchanged at 205Nm from 6400-6600rpm. Subaru doesn't mention straight-line performance gains - a tacit admission that any advantage in the Stoplight Grand Prix is more likely a result of the slick-shifting skill of the driver.


Talking of which, Subaru has also finally released a six-speed paddle-shift semi-auto version of the little two-door, for street-fighters who want to look good without having to work for it, at a price premium of R10 000.

Trim level is the same, including limited-slip differential, rear spoiler, 17" alloys, bi-xenon headlights, keyless access and starting, dual-zone climate control, seven airbags and five-mode vehicle dynamics control.

Whether you think seven kilowatts, a more authoritative soundtrack and a Southern Cross badge justify a R35 300 premium (R24 700 for the self-shifter) over the similarly-specced Toyota equivalent, is up to you.

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