Beetle concept brings sun to Detroit


In the middle of a ferociously cold Michigan winter, the Volkswagen Beetle Dune concept is all set to bring a hint of summer sunshine when it makes its debut at the Detroit motor show on Monday (13 January).

The Dune is based on the latest version of the iconic Beetle, and adds a cool, beach-boy look with its suspension raised by 50mm and 19” block tread tyres on chunky alloy rims. The rear-mounted ski-rack is reminiscent of those fitted to classic Beetles - use it for skis or a snowboard in winter or a sandboard in summer, for surfing the sandhils from which the Beetle Dune takes its name.

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Beetle concept has racks for sand-dune playtoys.Dune-baggy interior is trinned in sand and salt-resistant materials.


It's not a new idea; VW showed a New Beetle Dune concept at the Los Angeles auto show, way back in January 2000, but that was a totally outrageous fantasy show-car, while this one is a runner, very much based on the current production model, using the same two-litre, 155kW TSI turbopetrol and six-speed dual-clutch gearbox to drive the front wheels.

We'll have more for you when the car is officially unveiled in Detroit on Monday.

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