VW previews 294kW Golf R concept


Beijing - Now this is a taste tester with one heck of a kick: VW has released a design sketch of its hot new Golf concept that will make its world debut at the Beijing Motor Show this coming weekend.

What's so special about this Golf R then? For starters, VW has modified it to the tune of 294kW, although the company has yet to tell us what mechanical mods actually took place.

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Official sketch portrays 294kW Golf R 400 Concept that will be revealed at the Beijing Motor Show.

Never mind, we'll take their word for it that the Golf R 400 Concept can dart from 0-100km/h in just 3.9 seconds. Yes, that's a full second quicker than the standard Euro-spec Golf R. What’s more, it’ll whisk you to a top speed of 280km/h.

While we'll have to wait until Sunday to see real-life photos, VW's sketch shows us that it'll look a lot more aggro than the regular Golf R.

According to VW, the concept will feature body and bumper modifications as well as flared wheelarches, bespoke wheels and a reworked interior that has racing-style 'shell' seats with integrated headrests.

Anyone up for a dice?

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