One of the things Formula One drivers are NOT allowed to do is ride motorcycles. Even bicycles for fitness training are frowned on, after Mark Webber was knocked down while taking part in an Iron Man contest and broke a leg, nearly ending his Formula One career.

That's also why Michael Schumacher waited until he retired from Ferrari before entering the German Superbike series.

But there is one F1 driver who, in the inimitable words of his team principal, “is famous for doing pretty much what he wants” - which must be a real headache for Lotus F1 boss Eric Boullier, but it's great for the fans.

The driver, of course, is Finland's Kimi Raikkonen and, during the break between the Malaysian Grand Prix and this weekend's Chinese race, he headed off to Belgium to ride at a Motocross Grand Prix.

Even the Iceman wouldn't risk entering the race itself, but Finnish TV station MTV3 caught him grabbing serious air in practice.