Lausanne, Switzerland - Michael Schumacher is getting the same neurological treatment and rehabilitation in the Lausanne University Hospital as any other patient.

His doctor Richard Frackowiak said on Tuesday treating the seven-times Formula One champion from Germany was “business as usual.”

Frackowiak, the chief neuroscientist at the Swiss hospital, said the only unusual aspect in treating the high-profile patient was the security arrangements to protect him.

He declined to talk about Schumacher's health condition.

Neurosciences are one of the Lausanne University Hospital's prioritiy areas, and it is the only Swiss hospital that follows an approach of close cooperation between neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists and rehabilitation specialists.

Schumacher arrived on Monday in Lausanne, which is just a 30-minute drive from his family home in the town of Gland on Lake Geneva. Various broadcast teams and photographers have set up in front of the university clinic.

“One photo of Schumi with open eyes, maybe even a smile - I'd wait weeks for that,” one French photographer said.