Drunk man steals, crashes 1930 Ford

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Prineville, Oregon - A 34-year-old homeless man was arrested after allegedly crashing a stolen 1930 Model "A" Ford car into a river in the US state of Oregon, police said on Monday.

Erik Blake Halpin was charged with driving under the influence with the fully-remodeled car on Sunday, when he veered off into the Crooked River in the northwestern state.

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What a shame: This 1930 Ford Model A was stolen and crashed into a river in Oregon by an allegedly intoxicated man. AFP Photo/Handout/Oregon State Police.Accused: 34-year-old Erik Halpin. AFP Photo/Handout/Oregon State Police.

"The suspect was arrested after being treated for injuries at a hospital," said Oregon State Police in a statement, adding that Halpin had apparently swum to shore after crashing the car.

Historically speaking, the Model "A" was the successor to the venerable Model "T" Ford and this example belonged to a 79-year-old local man who had taken it to church to show it off, local media reported.

"Subsequent investigation confirmed the vehicle was reported stolen earlier that day," said police, adding: "Witnesses also confirmed (he) was seen driving the vehicle prior to traveling off the roadway and rolling it into the river."

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