Fail: Cop car clamped on red line

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Shocked City of Cape Town metro police officers have suffered the humiliation of having their patrol car clamped for illegal parking.

Deputy police chief Yolanda Faro told the Cape Argus that the officers parked in a parking area at a Parow shopping centre in order to go off and issue a motorist with a ticket.

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30 january 2013 metro car clamped in voortrekker road.

They returned to find their well-marked patrol car with a clamp on its front right wheel.

Faro said they had dispatched the City’s Internal Affairs Unit to the scene to investigate.

It later transpired that the site manager of the centre had clamped the vehicle. The vehicle was parked on a red line, but it was not clear if this was public or private land.

Faro said it was not clear whether the officers had parked their car illegally, and this would now be investigated. -Cape Argus

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