Pietermaritzburg - Police believe remote control jammers may be responsible for an increase in the number of theft from motor vehicle cases.

Spokesman Thulani Zwane said in many cases there was no forced entry, which led them to believe that thieves were using a device to jam the vehicle’s locking system when the motorist activated the alarm.


Commenting on a spate of incidents, Zwane said motorists should follow these basic security precautions: ensure that their vehicle’s doors were properly locked and windows closed when it was parked, firearms should not be left in the vehicle, and valuable items should be placed in the boot.

Zwane added that windows should be closed when driving in the city centre, radios and radio faces should be removed when getting out of the vehicle, and keys should be kept in hand when approaching the car.

He also said parking lots with an attendant or supervision were the best places to park.

The Mercury