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Joburg’s rogue robot has been removed.

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) took down the traffic light, which was standing in the middle of a street in Oak Avenue, Oakdene, outside the Comaro shopping centre, earlier this week.

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A traffic light that was standing in the road at an intersection of Oak Avenue and Middle Lane, near Camaro Crossing Shopping center has been moved and placed on the pavement.
Picture: Boxer Ngwenya

The article raised many smiles and comments.

Aaron Anderson commented on IOL: “These robots are getting clever, one day is one day and they will rule the world.”

MeneerKomCureDieLand quirked: “Don’t worry, it will be flattened by a taxi in no time. Then they can build a new one on the pavement five years from now.”

JRA spokesman Bertha Peters-Scheepers said the pole was removed by the JRA last weekend as a safety precaution.

“The road geometrics were changed by a nearby developer without the necessary JRA approval of any designs.

“Now, we will, at our own cost, ensure a permanent solution and then recover the costs of about R30 000 to R50 000 from the developer concerned,” she said.

However, it was of concern to the roads agency that there are instances where developers change the road geometry without following due processes or obtaining the necessary approval.

“This could pose a danger to road users, and we therefore request the public to assist us by reporting these issues to us.”

Contact either 0868 562 874, e-mail [email protected] or Twitter @MyJra

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