Pretoria - Satinsky chief executive Albert Venter, who has refused to respond to media queries for weeks, is suing Cornelia Nel of Pretoria with respect to what he claims are defamatory comments about him on the Facebook group “I’ve been done in by ‘New Car From R699 per month’ ”.

In papers filed in the Pretoria High Court, Venter demands R1 million in damages with respect to Nel’s “false, wrongful and defamatory comments” on the forum, which Nel administrates with two others.

Meanwhile, yet another 699er has come forward with written proof that the amount she submitted to Satinsky as her monthly expenses was reduced to a lower figure on the bank application form, to create a false impression of her affordability - and Hyundai came out with a radio advert about the R699 a month deal being “too good to be true”, which many 699ers took offence at.


Hyundai SA said it had “no intention of being frivolous about and making fun of people who took part in the Satinsky R699-per-month car deals”, but wanted to highlight that its dealerships “adhere to all National Credit Regulator rules and do not try and mislead our customers in any way”.

Claims that some of the cars sold by Satinsky were not in fact new, continue to emerge, and the High Court of the Eastern Cape has yet to say whether the application to have the issue certified as a class action – in a bid to have the contracts set aside due to reckless lending – was successful or not.

Cape Times