Italian Highway Patrol revs up with new Lambo

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Bologna, Italy - This just has to be the most exciting duty assignment for any Italian cop: driving one of the Bologna Highway Patrol’s two Lamborghini Huracan high-speed response vehicles.

The Sant’Agata supercar maker has handed over a second Polizia-specification Huracan to the Highway Patrol to be used in emergency situations such as medical response and organ transport.

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Beautifully finished in distinctive Italian police blue with white lettering, the new 442kW, 5.2-litre V10 all-wheel drive supercopcar has narrow green, white and red Tricolore stripes down the waistline and special blue-tinted sidewalls on its Pirelli P Zero tyres.

Special equipment includes a streamlined light bar on the roof, a tablet linked to the law-enforcement network, a police-issue dashcam with recording equipment, and emergency medical kit - including an on-board defibrillator, just in case the sight of a police vehicle coming up from behind at 320km/h gives some Italian motorist a heart attack.

On a more serious note, the storage compartment in front has a refrigerated section for transport organs for transplant.

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