McLaren P1 tweaked to 1000 horsepower

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Time was when hybrids were for greenies, and even then they were a bit of a joke - but now the world's sports-car makers are getting the message that hybrid technology, in essence, means adding an electric boost to an existing combustion powertrain.

Yes, there's a weight penalty, but the potential gains are impressive to say the least: witness the 655kW Porsche 918 Spyder, the 710kW Ferrari LaFerrari, and now the McLaren P1, which combines a 543kW, 3.8-litre biturbo V8 with a 132kW electric motor to kick some serious supercar butt.

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Yours does not have to be orange, but Engelmann is offering a 60kW power boost, up to at least 736kW.Deeper side sills and rear diffuser frame integrated air inlets in the rear wings and 100mm drainpipes.

We're talking a total of 675kW and 900Nm, good enough for 0-100 in 2.8 seconds, 0-200 in 6.8 and 0-300 in 16.5 seconds, an electronically-limited top speed of 350km/h and a claimed Nurburgring lap time of less than seven minutes.

But if lots is good, more is always better, right?

Enter Jens Engelmann, the creative brain behind exclusive tuning label German Special Customs, and his aptly named Night Glow.

No, yours doesn't have to be orange but, if you are one of the 375 people who have shelled out £885 000 (R15.75 million) for one of the 375 P1's that are all that will ever be made (yes, Cyril, they’re all sold) Engelmann offers a 60kW power boost (up to at least 736kW, or 1000 horsepower in the older, more descriptive language) courtesy of his own rather more free-flowing and considerably more authoritative auspuff, terminating in two 100mm drain-pipes, and a corresponding software upgrade.


Also on offer is GSC's track-orientated aerodynamic kit for the P1, including an extended splitter blade and airflow dams on a completely new front apron with LED daytime running lights and large air intakes, as well as a rally-style roof scoop and an oversized adjustable rear wing, while deeper side sills and rear diffuser frame integrated air inlets in the rear wings.

Price? On application, sir, although I feel no amount of money will purchase good taste.

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