Fledgling Polish supercar company Arrinera has released new computer renderings of what it plans to call the Hussarya, named after the famed Polish Hussar cavalry of the 16th Century.

Motorvation will be courtesy of Detroit - a mid-mounted 6.2-litre GM V8 producing 478kW and 820Nm. Sound familiar? It should, it's the LS9, straight outta the Corvette ZR-1, and it'll drive the rear wheels via a Graziano sequential gearbox.

Arrinera says the high tensile-strength tubular steel chassis and all-independent multilink suspension has been 'designed and optimised' by British engineer Lee Noble, creator of the Ultima GTR and Noble supercars, while the shape has been the subject of 14 months of research at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Sorry, boys, it still looks like a Lamborghini.

Except for the self-adjusting twin rear spoilers, that not only lift up as speed increases to provide extra downforce, they flip up instantly to their highest position when the driver hits the brakes to function as air-brakes, as on military jet aircraft.

Makes you think, doesn't it, that modern supercars are fast enough to make aircraft technology appropriate on the road.

The body will be made of carbon fibre and Kevlar and, if Arrinera succeeds in keeping the car's weight under the target of 1300kg, it should hit 100km/h in about three seconds and top out somewhere around 340.

The plan is to build an initial run of just 33 examples for delivery from late 2013 at about $160 000 (R1.3 million), before ramping up to full production.