One thing McLaren boss Ron Dennis doesn't do is let grass grow under his feet.

So here, exactly a year after the first MP4 12C coupés were delivered to customers, and a month after an engine upgrade that boosted its twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 to 273kW, is the first official picture of the MP4 12C Spider.

And yes, it has the hot engine, and yes, it will do more than 300km/h with the top down and yes, even Jenson Button gets excited about driving at five miles a minute with nothing but hair-gel between him and the sky.

Dennis says the Spider will use the same carbon-fibre monocell chassis as the coupé - which is patently untrue as the coupé's roof is a structural member - but it is also true that the composite structure, based on box sections to provide stiffness without extra weight, lends itself to going topless, perhaps better than a comparable metal moncoque.

“But removing the roof,” he says, “will dial up the sensations, the emotions and the noise heard - especially at the speeds the 12C Spider will be capable of.”

And if you don't believe him, let Jenson Button tell you.

McLaren has promised more information about the MP4 12C Spider during the course of this week; as soon as we get it, so will you.