Trident's Iceni GT is a biofuel bomb

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British bespoke sports-car maker Trident will debut its new Iceni Grand Tourer at Salon Privé 2012 in London's Syon Park from 5-7 September.

The Grand part comes from a mid-front mounted 6.6-litre turbodiesel that runs on commercial diesel, biodiesel, palm oil or even linseed oil (an you thought all that was good for was cricket bats!), delivering a quoted 320kW and 1290Nm at less than 3250rpm.

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Trident Iceni has a 320kW 6.6-litre, twin-turbo diesel.Biofuel supercar will do 3000km on a tankful at a steady 110kmh.

That's good enough to take this Tourer from 0-100 in just 3.7 seconds and on to nearly 320km/h flat out - and if that's not enough there's an upgrade kit that gives you 492kW and an awe-inspiring 1427Nm.


According to Trident, at a steady 110km/h the standard engine runs at just 980rpm, produces 950Nm, burns only 2.4 litres per 100km of whatever furniture polish you feed it and will keep going for more than 3000km on a full tank.

The Iceni is built to order by Trident Cars at their workshop in Norfolk; prices start from £75 000 (R980 000).

And the name?

The Iceni were a tribe who lived in what is now Norfolk at the time of the Roman invasion. In AD 61, however, led by their queen Boadicea, they rose up against the Roman occupation and rampaged all over central Britain, as far south as London, before they were defeated by Suetonius Paulinus and his legions, somewhere in what is now the West Midlands.

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