The highlights – your week in motoring

It’s been an exciting week for the octane-blooded, both on the motorsport and new model front. In case you missed any of the action, here’s our round-up of the hottest news this week. Click on the headlines to get all the low-down.


Gorgeous new Vanquish takes pride of place at the top of the Aston Martin sports car heirarchy.

Le Mans - Audi’s Diesel-Hybrid R18 Ultra took its 11th Le Mans victory while Toyota’s Anthony Davidson crashed spectacularly after a 330km/h straight.

Top Gear Festival’s Street Circuit – the treacherous Durban track saw carnage royal and aggressive racing this week, in addition to all the traditional Top Gear-style entertainment.

Audi SQ5 – While all the attention was focused on Audi’s hybrid Le Mans effort, the company also snuck in the world debut of its latest S model. The beastly SUV is the first of its breed to have a diesel power plant.

To Infiniti – The newest additions to the South African luxury traffic profile don’t come from Germany. We went to England to get an early taste of Nissan’s Infiniti G, M and EX models due for release next week.

Toyota 86 Prices – The new sexy Toyota 86 sports car will start at R300k for the basic model when it premiers locally on 9 July, with High Spec and High Spec A/T coming later.

Bond might have a new car – Aston Martin unleash their new top demon fighter, the new Vanquish. Connoisseurs and 10-year-olds will find this simply exciting.

AMG’s new gelignite – 2013 will see the release of arguably the coolest A-Class ever built, the A45 AMG. Hot hatch lovers will need a mountain of new underwear, so start stockpiling now. The Affalterbach chairman predicts that “this is going to be the most dynamic, most powerful and at the same time most efficient four-cylinder series production compact car on the market.”

New Driver’s License Laws and Rica– The National Road Traffic Act hopes to toughen the driving test by imposing a 12-month provisional license that will act as a probation period for new drivers. Cars older than 10 years are also implicated in terms of roadworthiness tests in two year intervals. In addition to this Drivers will also have 12 months to “Rica” their licenses after the amendment to the National Road Traffic Law.