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Video: Donald Trump's greatest hits
August 20 2015 at 14:30

You've heard him on TV. You've seen him on the internet. How can you keep track? You couldn't. Until now.

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Call an ambulance, she’s been dumped
August 20 2015 at 14:00

A Chinese woman had to be taken to hospital after she threw a 90 minute tantrum when her boyfriend dumped her.

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Video: But(ter) is it art?
August 14 2015 at 14:30

Artist Melati Suryodarmo's performance EXERGIE - Butter dance has resurfaced online

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Video: Americans try South African snacks
August 12 2015 at 17:25

From the Ouma rusks to fish paste and biltong. Here is what Americans think of our favourite snacks.

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