ICC hands downs Katanga decision

The Hague - The Congolese warlord Germain Katanga was on Friday convicted of being an accessory to crimes including murder and pillage committed during an attack on a village in a diamond-rich region of Congo in 2003, in which 200 civilians were killed.

Reading the verdict, only the second conviction in the International Criminal Court's 11-year history, presiding judge Bruno Cotte said that without Katanga's aid in procuring firearms, the attack would not have been as bloody.

Germain Katanga, a Congolese national, sits in the courtroom of the ICC during the closing statements in the trial against him and Ngudjolo Chui in The Hague. Picture: Michael Kooren. Credit: Reuters

“Absent that supply of weapons... commanders would not have been able to carry out the attack with such efficiency,” Cotte said at the conclusion of the five-year trial.

The court acquitted Katanga of charges of direct involvement in the attack. - Reuters