Moz president 'does it again'

President Armando Guebuza has fired three senior ministers, state radio reported on Tuesday.

Radio Mozambique said Guebuza dismissed Foreign and Co-operation minister Alcinda Abreu, Justice minister Esperanca Machavela and Transport and Communications minister Antonio Munguambe on Monday by presidential decree.

The broadcaster did not give reasons for the dismissal.

In the past Guebuza has axed ministers through presidential decree - and reasons of the dismissals were never made public.

Abreu has been replaced by Oldemiro Baloi, Machavela was replaced by Maria Benvida Levy while Munguambe was replaced by Paulo Zucula.

However, Abreu has been appointed as deputy minister of environmental affairs.

New appointments for Munguambe and Machavela were not immediately announced. - Sapa

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