Harare - Two Zimbabwean women who claim they flew on a winnowing basket using magical powers will face trial in two weeks, a prosecutor said on Thursday.

The women, aged 49 and 52, were declared fit for trial in the northern town of Chinhoyi by medical experts this week, according to prosecutor Clarence Majongosi.

The two women were arrested on June 12 after they were found naked and howling outside the home of a villager.

They are being charged under laws which make “witchcraft” illegal and the women could face a fine if found guilty.

The prosecutor told the court that the two women “instilled fear that witchcraft was taking place and that harm could occur.”

He alleged the two had been seeking out human flesh.

Zimbabwe has deep rooted beliefs in mysticism and magic. The winnowing basket in local mythology is similar to the broomstick used in Western storytelling. - Sapa-dpa