A touch of magic brings flying car back home

London - Harry Potter's stolen flying car has been found after mysteriously disappearing from a film set, British newspapers reported on Friday.

The pale blue 1962 Ford Anglia, driven through the air by the boy wizard and his sidekick Ron Weasley in the hugely successful Harry Potter films, was in storage on a film set in Cornwall, south-east England, when it was stolen last October.

Police were baffled as how it vanished from the high-security location without anyone noticing - particularly as it has no engine, the Daily Express said.

Fans feared the car was stolen to order by a dealer who planned to sell it on the black market, The Sun reported.

The tabloid said that a five-strong gang of New Age travellers came out of hiding and tried to sell the car earlier this week, claiming they had found it.

That led prospective buyers to a Cornish lock-up, but the car was missing its number plate - 7990 TD - so there was no deal.

Then the gang apparently panicked and whisked the car away to the mist-shrouded ruined 14th-century Carn Brae Castle in Cornwall.

"It seems we have now located the Harry Potter car," police officer Tim Roberts said.

"We received an anonymous call from someone telling us its location.

"It still seems to be in good order and I would guess whover left it there did so with their tongue firmly in their cheek.

"I'd love to think Harry himself had driven it there to take part in some adventure at the castle but the reality is probably a little less interesting."

He said the car had been there less than 24 hours and was towed away to a vehicle compound.

Four Harry Potter films have been made so far, based on the popular books by British author JK Rowling.

They chronicle the exploits of Potter and his pals as they progress through the Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. - Sapa-AFP

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