Durban - Christmas came early for some in Durban’s Lillian Ngoyi (Windermere) Road as they grabbed R100 notes on Friday.

When Suzannah Patterson heard screams she thought it was from a hijacking, only to find scores of R100 notes fluttering in the wind.

Patterson, owner of The Wedding Store, and her mother, Frances Hicks, stood on the elevated business property and shouted down to car guard Victor Zibula, telling him where the notes were landing – in the gutter, on the pavement and under cars.

“There were R100s flying all around the street. It was like a movie,” Patterson said.

She said a man in a Post Office uniform dropped a black file containing the notes and was running around trying to get them back.

“The car guard had a handful of notes but didn’t keep any. He must have had about R1 000 – he gave it back,” Patterson said.

However, not all were as kind and at least one woman and a man made off with what they could.

“I don’t know how much money but it was a lot. We all helped pick it up,” Zibula said.

He said the man had driven away in a white panel van without giving his name. – Independent on Saturday