Resort giving sand away for free

Warsaw, Poland - Too busy for a vacation, but long for a beach? Try Poland, where you can take home as much Baltic Sea sand as you want for free.

Authorities say the pure, light sand in the town of Leba in the country's north is up for grabs to everyone - from toddlers to construction companies - after moving dunes in the Slowinski National Park started to clog up the beach and local waterways.

Italian beaches were devoid of their usual August crowds on Friday as beach clubs staged a short strike, the latest chapter in an emotive conflict over right of access to the Mediterranean country's sun-soaked coast. Credit: PR NEWSWIRE

Leba tourism official Pawel Dabrowski said Thursday that the sand is getting into a canal leading into the town's picturesque port, and constantly needs to be dredged out at high cost.

He says the sand is for free, except for a 82 zloty (R201) administrative fee for trucks. - Sapa-AP