The world's 'smartest woman' can't find a job

London - A Bulgarian woman rated the world's cleverest wants a British firm to give her a job after spending two years on the dole.

Bulgarian Daniela Simidchieva, a mother of three, has five masters degrees and an IQ of almost 200.

She's listed by the country's Mensa office as the world's cleverest, but despite sending off hundreds of applications, she still hasn't found a job.

Her IQ is the same as chemist Marie Curie's, who won the Noble Prize twice, but she cannot even get a cleaning job.

Simidchieva said: "I love learning, but I also want to work. In the last 44 years I have studied economics, education and sociology... I am qualified as an industrial engineer, as an English teacher and as an electrical engineer as well as having my five masters degrees.

"But in Bulgaria I have found employers do not want clever employees." -

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