World's oldest goldfish goes belly-up

London - The world's oldest known goldfish living in captivity has died at its home in Thirsk, northern England, aged at least 43, reported much of the British press on Saturday.

Tish the goldfish began life as a "roll-a-penny" prize won by seven-year-old Peter Hand at a fairground, back in 1956, the Daily Telegraph newspaper said.

While the seven-year-old Peter grew up and married, Tish, measuring 11,5 centimetres, aged gracefully, turning from brilliant orange to silver, added The Times, which devoted a full page to its demise.

Three years ago, The Guinness Book of Records learned of its veteran age and investigated the claim to the world's oldest captive goldfish title, the Telegraph said.

Tish's high point came last year when it won the title from Fred, a goldfish in West Sussex, southern England, which had died aged 41, in 1980.

Owner Hilda Hand, 72, was nostalgic on Tish's death.

"He became something of a celebrity. People always used to ask how Tish was doing," she said.

"I don't think we will be getting another one. We couldn't replace Tish, he was part of the family." - Sapa-DPA

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