Cop arrested on car theft, gun charges

Cape Town - An off-duty Mthatha police sergeant was arrested by Phillippi East police for alleged possession of an unlicensed firearm and a stolen car.

The police said the sergeant, from the Mthatha Central police station, and another man had been arrested on Saturday afternoon.

Crime Prevention Unit members had spotted a suspicious-looking BMW in Ntlongwe Street, Lower Crossroads. When stopped, the driver tried to run off. His 29-year-old male passenger remained in the car.

The officers caught and questioned the fleeing suspect, discovering he was a police sergeant on sick leave, said Captain FC van Wyk.

“The BMW turned out to be reported stolen in Cape Town central this month. The passenger was found in possession of a police-issued firearm which belonged to the sergeant. Both were arrested for possession of suspected stolen property and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.”

They are expected to appear in the Athlone Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

No arrests had been made yet, said Van Wyk.

Witnesses are urged to call Detective Warrant Officer Dederick April at 082 777 8076.

They seized 112g of heroin, 180g of tik, 136 mandrax tablets and 268g of dagga.

During shebeen raids, two owners were arrested for trading without a licence, and 64.5 litres of alcohol confiscated, police said.

Seventy-seven other suspects had been arrested for various crimes.

Van Wyk added that 140 cases involving crimes against women and children were followed up, and 32 suspects arrested.