A Pietermaritzburg couple, Duncan and Saro Naidoo, were robbed at gunpoint at their Augusta Road home in Northdale on Wedesnday.

A shocked Duncan Naidoo told the Daily News: “I opened the garage door to pick up the morning paper and three men rushed in. One of them held a gun to my head and demanded money.

“They tied my hands up and told me to stay quiet or they would shoot me.

“While tying my hands one of the men hit me on the head with the butt of the gun, while the other two robbers held my wife down on the floor and started beating her, demanding money.”

Naidoo said his wife had had a pacemaker inserted and there were concerns over her health.

“She pleaded with them to spare our lives and take what they wanted. Her screams drew the attention of neighbours who came to our rescue as the men fled, taking a small amount of cash,” said Naidoo, owner of Lugugo Shoes.

Police spokeswoman, Lieutenant Joey Jeevan, was not available for comment. - Daily News