Johannesburg - Police reported that three black candles and razor blades were found next to the bodies of the two schoolgirls. Earlier, occult expert and sociologist, Kobus Jonker, was quoted as saying black candles were often used to summon demonic spirits and powers of darkness.

But some residents in Dobsonville on Friday questioned the validity of such items and whether they were readily available in the township.

“In all my years, I have never seen a black candle. My family always uses, and has always used, white candles for things such as night vigils, prayers and church ceremonies,” said an elderly woman.

Pakistani shop owner John Hussein said he often purchased different coloured candles to sell to the community, but had never had a customer asking for black candles.

On its website, candle manufacturer Price Candles states that its household candles are available in green, red, yellow, blue, pink and white, but makes no mention of the colour black.

However, the Saturday Star went to a traditional medicine shop along Diagonal Street in Joburg on Friday and bought a standard black candle for R4.

“Are you buying this to bewitch someone?” asked the saleswoman.

Saturday Star