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Johannesburg - When Dr Le-Anne Kleynhans saw a dog lying on the side of the road, she assumed it had been hit by a car. But it hadn’t - it had been shot in the head execution-style.

Last Monday, Kleynhans was driving to Bromhof Veterinary Clinic, where she works, when she saw a large St Bernard slumped on the side of the road.

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'Bullet', dog shot in the head and left for dead.
Picture: Handout/Supplied'Bullet', dog shot in the head and left for dead.
Picture: Handout/Supplied

Her first thought was that the dog was dead.

“I was concerned that it was a possible hijack set-up,” she said.

She put her fears aside and stopped to check, finding the dog with a big, gaping wound on its head.

She flagged down another car, and between four of them they carried the large, heavy dog to her car.

Kleynhans rushed the comatose and seizuring dog to the clinic. She treated him and the next day he was doing much better.

“This is when I realised with horror he had been shot in the head,” said Kleynhans.

She examined the dog more closely and found a gunshot wound.

An X-ray revealed the bullet was sitting in the frontal sinus of the skull.

That’s when they named the dog Bullet. He has recovered and has been rehomed to a family in Northcliff.

“He is as soft and cuddly as a teddy bear, yet as gigantic as a grizzly,” she said.

The bullet is still in his skull and after more X-rays next week, it will be decided whether it must be removed.

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