Durban - Durban North police have been on the hunt for an assault suspect for the past year and are now appealing to the public to help find the “extremely dangerous” man.

William Mngadi is alleged to have assaulted a woman with a gun, leaving her with 28 wounds. He worked with the woman at the La Lucia Mall.

Police spokesman, Captain Thulani Zwane, said the assault had taken place at the mall in October.

The woman “was allegedly stabbed, and assaulted with a firearm butt”, he said.

“A warrant for the arrest has been issued.”

The woman, 36, lost seven teeth during the attack and spent a month in hospital.

The woman said the brutality of the attack had left her traumatised and she would never be able to forgive her attacker. “My family was traumatised when they saw me in hospital and they didn’t think I would survive from the injuries I suffered.”

Warrant Officer Valery Govender, of the Durban North police station, said that anyone with information to help the police find Mngadi was asked to contact Constable Nkosi at 083 246 1762 or 083 549 1007. - Daily News