Hero dogs keeps robbers at bay

Durban - A Kenville family described their dogs as saviours after they kept robbers at bay on Wednesday.

The family said three men had climbed over the fence and began to bang at the door and threw bricks at their wood-panelled home in the early hours of the morning.

Aslam Subrathy with his bull terrier, Brock, which was stabbed four times by intruders in Kenville, north of Durban. Picture: Gcina Ndwalane. Credit: INDEPENDENT MEDIA

The men smashed two windowpanes to try to gain entry. Annalene Abrahams, her husband, Aslam Subrathy, and their two sons, aged 10 and 12, were asleep at the time.

“I ran out to check what was happening. The dogs were going hysterical. A brick was thrown in my direction but missed. I shut the door and pushed the couch behind it,” she said.

Abrahams prevented her husband and sons from leaving the house to counter-attack.

She noticed that one of the men was armed with a knife. Abrahams said the dogs must have been kicked because they were yelping.

The family have a female German shepherd named Santa which has six puppies, TJ, a rottweiler, and Brock, a bull terrier. The dogs were on the porch keeping the robbers at bay.

“While I protected my sons and husband my dogs and puppies saved us on the outside.

“If it were not for them and the Lord Jesus, who knows what would have happened,” Abrahams said.

Subrathy and his sons eventually pulled Abrahams aside and went after the men who ran away.

One of the dogs, Brock,was stabbed four times, and taken to the SPCA for treatment.

Abrahams said the Greenwood Park police attended the scene but did not advise them to open a case because nothing was taken.