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By Lerator Mbangeni, Shain Germaner and Caryn Dolley


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The car of Radovan Krejcir was hit, making him the target. Police are investigating a case of attempted murder. 
Picture: Timothy Bernard
24.07.2013Ballistics Investigators comb the scene where an attempt was made on the life of Radovan Krejcir on Wednesday afternoon. 
Picture: Timothy Bernard

Johannesburg - Three weeks ago, Radovan Krejcir’s Money Point pawnshop was broken into and R3 million worth of jewellery stolen.

“The suspects gained entrance through the roof. Once inside the premises, the safe was cut open,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Lungelo Dlamini.

The incident took place at night, and it was discovered only the following morning that something was amiss.

The theft comes to light just days after Krejcir survived a hit on his life outside the pawnshop.

Police are investigating whether the two incidents are connected. No arrests have been made in either incident.

Money Point is a gold and diamond exchange company where luxury items are pawned for cash. They also deal in instant-cash loans that are given without credit checks.

According to a source, who does not want to be named for fear of reprisal, the robbers entered the Money Point business via the Remax offices, but didn’t steal anything there.


The source alleged that Krejcir knew who was behind the break-in.

“That (the theft) caused a huge commotion, with cops and all sorts of gangsters walking around here. He basically found the people who broke into the property,” the source said.

The Bedfordview business became a talking point when private investigator Paul O’Sullivan submitted a dossier to the Refugee Appeal Board in 2010.

The 100-page document alleged that Money Point branches were money-laundering fronts.

Krejcir is no stranger to controversy.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that a handmade, remote-controlled, 12-barrel weapon was used in an attempt to murder Krejcir. The weapon was hidden behind the licence plate of a VW Polo Cross, and it fired at him after he left his car. The Polo then ignited.

Linda Sisulu, a grandson of Walter Sisulu, was on the scene following the incident, and said he had never seen such a thing in his life. He is friends with the co-owner of Money Point, who did not want to be named.

The police have informed The Star that they have not identified any suspects who can be linked to the attack, but they are looking into how and where the device might have been made.

“The motive for the attack is still being established,” said Dlamini.

The Star has also learnt that the number plates on the Polo that was used in the attack were cloned, and the woman identified as owning the vehicle registered to its licence plates still has her vehicle.

But those responsible cunningly attached the fake number plates to a car that had the exact same make, model and colour. The police were yet to determine the owner of the vehicle.

The police also confirmed that the car registered to that number plate was never reported as stolen, further indicating it was not the one used in the attempted hit.

Police said on Wednesday the VW that was weaponised was stolen in Brixton in April.

Meanwhile, Krejcir has denied claims that, prior to the attempted hit, he met alleged underworld figures from Cape Town, and this was somehow linked to the incident.

“No, no. I believe that’s bulls***. People are talking a lot of nonsense,” he said.

On Thursday, Krejcir was initially hesitant to speak about the incident, saying lawyers had told him not to comment.

But he went on to brush aside rumours involving him meeting alleged underworld figures that included Sea Point businessman Mark Lifman and Jerome Booysen, the alleged Sexy Boys gang leader named in court last year as a suspect in the killing of underworld figure Cyril Beeka.

Krejcir added that he didn’t know who was behind the assassination attempt.


Hawks spokesman Paul Ramaloko said investigators were expected to receive the case docket from local detectives on Thursday.


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