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Durban - An enraged landlord who had argued with his tenants over loud music and parking, allegedly went on a shooting spree, injuring two people and killing his mother when she tried to calm him down.

Neville Jodash Moodley, 24, was hit in the arm while his partner, Simone Subrayen, 20, sustained two gunshot wounds – to her arm and chest. Subrayen is in a stable condition in hospital.

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Neville Jodash Moodley and his girlfriend, Simone Subrayen, survived a shooting at the home they are renting.Sandra Subrayen, was holding a five-month-old baby when she was also shot at.

Her five-month-old baby and her mother, Sandra, were also shot at. They escaped unharmed.

The shooting took place on Wednesday night at a house in Crossmoor, Chatsworth.

Moodley and his family had been renting an outbuilding on the premises for the past two months.

His mother-in-law lived with them.

Moodley said the tension had started on Tuesday when the landlord confronted him about loud music he had played at the weekend.

He alleged the landlord verbally abused them and told them he would “sort us out” if they did not comply. He then left.

On Wednesday night, Moodley and Simone had returned home after shopping.

“My vehicle was parked in front of the driveway. Simone was unpacking the shopping.”

He said the landlord arrived soon after and hooted continuously for him to move out of the driveway.

Moodley said he reversed and went to park the car at his mother’s house, a few doors away.

He said as he walked back home, he saw the landlord walking towards him.

“As I opened the gate, he pulled out his firearm and opened fire on me. I froze in absolute shock,” Moodley said.

“I felt one bullet hit me near the elbow and I began to run for my life. I didn’t think that he would harm the women and baby.”

Sandra Subrayen said she was inside the house with her daughter when they heard the gunshots.

“Simone left the baby with me and ran downstairs screaming for help,” she said.

“I heard Simone pleading with the landlord not to shoot her. I then rushed downstairs with the baby in my arms. The landlord then turned his attention to me and started shooting.”

Subrayen said she ran back inside with the baby and bolted the door.

“I went to the window and screamed for help. I could see my daughter lying on the side of the road covered in blood,” she said.

When the landlord’s mother went outside to try and calm him down, he allegedly shot her.

She was killed instantly, Moodley said.

Police arrived a short while later and the landlord was arrested.

He is expected to appear in the Chatsworth Magistrate’s Court on Monday on charges of murder and attempted murder.

Moodley’s sister, Noeleen, said she arrived minutes later.

She said the landlord’s mother was dead and her brother and Simone were covered in blood.

“Bystanders were just standing staring. I thought Simone was dead.” The ambulance arrived and started working on her, she said.

“I accompanied her on the way to hospital. She was (struggling) to breathe, coughing, her eyes slightly open with blood all over.”.

She said that during all of this, Simone kept asking about the kids.

Police spokesperson, Captain Thulani Zwane, said a 56-year-old landlord had an argument with his tenant, had fetched his firearm and then shot dead a woman. Two others were injured and taken to hospital, Zwane said. He is expected in court on Monday.

The landlord’s family refused to comment as they were grieving and asked for privacy.

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