Robbers shoot KZN home owner’s toe

Durban - A bullet from a robber’s gun nicked the toe of a Westville man’s left foot during a home robbery attempt in Maryvale Road on Wednesday morning.

Ian du Randt, of Compass Medical Waste, said he heard his dogs barking frantically.

File picture. Credit: IOL MOJO

He went to the lounge to let the dogs out. While opening the sliding door, he caught the outline of a man hiding behind his pool wall.

In a flash, the balaclava-clad man and four others he did not see at first, ran towards him. Du Randt said he tackled one of the men and pushed him into the pool.

He said the men had climbed over the fencing on the side of the property used to store municipal equipment.

Du Randt could not recall when in the scuffle the gun went off. The men fled without taking anything.

“I would not take crime lying down. I would not relocate because of this, but will now advocate for a zero-tolerance approach to crime in our area,” he said, heading off to hospital for a check-up.