Springs - The family of the Springs man arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife and five children and keeping them captive are concerned about him after he attempted to commit suicide this week.

The man cut his wrist while in the holding cells of the Springs Magistrate’s Court after he was denied bail. He was treated in hospital and returned to jail.

Last night, the man’s aunt said she would be going to see him in prison on Monday.

“He has no one at the moment. He feels that the whole world is against him. He is depressed without his kids.”

His brother-in-law said he was concerned that 36-year-old’s health would suffer because of the cold weather.

The family had brought him a jacket and a blanket but claim these were stolen in jail.

“He told me he has to pay R5 for a blanket in prison which he doesn’t even have. Imagine sleeping on a concrete floor without anything to keep warm,” the brother-in-law said.

The man, who was arrested last month, cannot be named to protect the identity of his family. He faces charges of child abuse, rape, assault and defeating the ends of justice.

The case has been postponed to Thursday.

Saturday Star