Durban - Flabbergasted hardly begins to describe how Westville policemen felt when they were called in by The Pavilion shopping mall’s security personnel in the early hours of Saturday to investigate some acrobatic antics in a parked vehicle.

They found themselves confronting a very red-faced metro cop, whose name is known to IOL, but not before having to put the pedal to the metal in a pursuit as the suspect and his companion who sped off to avoid becoming the talk of the town.

The top metro cop, who apparently begged attending authorities to remain anonymous, was seemingly overcome by his amorous feelings for his female partner, and the two resorted to passionate and graphic acts in his parked car at the mall.

Oblivious to the end-of-month crowds, the pair were apparently also blind to the security cameras that monitor the parking lots at the centre.

The source said CCTV cameras recorded the encounter at about midnight.

Security officers called in members of the SAPS Westville branch, but when they approached the car, the driver shot off into the night.

The source alleged the top cop crossed over a centre median and officers gave chase while radioing the vehicle registration plate to other police members.

A chase is believed to have ensued through the suburbs of Westville.

The police briefly lost sight of their target, but spotted the car at 1.45am.

The two, now fully dressed, were issued with a caution, after which they parted ways, with the metro policeman’s companion leaving in a second car.

The source said that while both parties were married, they had been keeping each other’s company for some time, unbeknown to their spouses. – IOL and Sunday Tribune