Criminals pretending to be municipal workers robbed two unsuspecting victims in Durban yesterday.

In the first incident, a 59-year-old Reservoir Hills man was robbed by three men who posed as municipal workers, said police spokesman, Major Thulani Zwane.

The men asked the victim if they could check his water meter and, while chatting, one of them pulled a gun.

Zwane said they stole jewellery and a leather jacket.

A case of house robbery has been opened at Sydenham SAPS.

Zwane urged the public to request employment or identification cards before letting anyone inside their premises.

He said if they suspected suspicious behaviour they should not hesitate to contact the police. However, in a second incident, in Malvern, two men produced official municipal documents to con a pensioner into letting them into his house.

The victim, who did not want to be named, said the men told him they were there to check the water meter.

He found it strange when one of them walked around and began counting the light bulbs in his house. They promised to give him free electricity if he paid them R300.

By the time he was able to call the municipality to verify their identify they had taken a bowl of R5 coins from the lounge, totalling R200, and fled.

“They had all my documentation and private details, which convinced me they were authentic workers, but when I questioned them it was a pack of lies. When I got to the phone they ran off,” he said.