Who wants their beer to taste like chocolate, orange or lemon?

Many people apparently. So many in fact that South African Breweries (SAB) is relaunching Castle Milk Stout Chocolate and, it says, it is here to stay.

The sweet malt may hold a different position in the flavour spectrum from the beverage giant’s citrus-flavoured Flying Fish beers but it does seem to be part of the same revolution.

The brewers said this week the beer aficionados who had failed to get their hands on last year’s limited edition run of Castle Milk Stout Chocolate would now have their chance to say a chocolatey cheers.

The brand is expected to be on the shelves later this month.

Hops is hip these days and it seems that just as fast as a new niche is defined, a craft beer magically appears to fill it. That may be so, Cape Town-based Belgian brewer Alexandre Tilmans said, but milk stout wasn’t beer. “Chocolate Milk Stout is in fact an industrial dark ale.”

Julian Remba, the Castle Milk Stout general manager, said: “Castle Milk Stout is South Africa’s most popular stout, and with its origins of being the original beer which is different to all others in colour, texture and flavour, it stands to reason we want to continue innovating.” - ANA