An idiot’s guide to making your cross

 Political writer Craig Dodds guides you through doing your democratic duty on May 7.

South African nationals wait to be registered with election officials to cast their vote at South Africa High Commission at Trafalgar Square in central London. Picture: Lefteris Pitarakis. Credit: AP

Check the time – voting stations are open between 7am and 9pm.

If you don’t have such proof you’re probably not registered and, er, you can go home and try again five years from now. Otherwise you’ll be asked to fill in a form and then proceed.

Actually you’ll get two if you are voting inside your home province – one for the national poll and one for the provincial. They’ll be stamped to show they were issued correctly.

Don’t stray over the lines when you make your mark or your vote will be counted among the spoilt ballots.

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