Best of the Bengal Tiger

Minority Front leader Amichand Rajbansi has left a memorable mark on South African politics. Here are some of his most memorable quotes.

MF party leader Amichand Rajbansi. Credit: INLSA

“Well, I will double-cross that bridge when I get there.”

*l Before the May 18 elections this year:

“There might be a day when I have to make way to let youngsters lead the MF. This might be my last election campaign as the leader of the MF.

“When the next election comes around I will be 75.

“Your only trump card is the MF. I am advancing my 70th birthday to May 18 and (ask voters to) give me my greatest birthday present.”

“May I suggest that he try pomegranate, which is available in a whole fruit form, as a juice or in a capsule form.”

“Now the IFP and the ANC each have a Rajbansi and they don’t need to fight.”

“Every day I met my fieldworkers I gave them bunny chows and I briefed them. I said we win the poster battle and we win the election war.”

“The mother of all battles will be the battle for the Indian mind.”

Don’t cry for our beloved country, South Africa because the Bengal Tiger is here; The Minority Front is the eye of the Tiger; With blood sweat and tears, we shall overcome; Because the Tiger is here, Do not fear.

“I can walk the streets tall as I went back to Parliament on my own steam, (and) not by riding piggy-back on another party like others have done. I did it twice.

“A tiger never changes its spots.” - Pretoria News