DA to launch ‘manifesto for jobs’

Johannesburg -

Economic growth and job creation will be the key focus of the DA’s election manifesto to be launched in Polokwane, Limpopo, on Sunday.

The DA's federal chairman Wilmot JamesFile photo: Matthew Jordaan. Credit: Independent Newspapers

Speaking to Independent Newspapers on Thursday, federal chairman and policy head Wilmot James said it was called the “manifesto for jobs” because almost every proposal would help grow the economy by 8 percent and create six million private sector jobs.

Unemployment has become the foremost issue of the 2014 general elections and a political football between especially the ANC and the DA, with the latter staging an aborted “march for real jobs” on the former’s Luthuli House headquarters last week.

On the economy, the party has previously vowed to provide seven million extended public works programme (EPWP) work opportunities to provide a step-up for job seekers. The EPWP provides the basis for the ANC’s election manifesto promise of six million job opportunities between now and 2019.

The DA policy also aims to “improve” BEE so that it can reward companies “that invest in their workers and create jobs”, break up “inefficient state monopolies” and distribute shares to ordinary citizens “to increase competition and bring down prices”.

Other key DA promises likely to find effect in the manifesto include:

James said additional DA promises included:

On the choice of Limpopo, James said the party was experiencing “solid growth in new constituencies” in the province, evidenced by its performance in numerous by-elections there.

“Polokwane also happens to be where Jacob Zuma was elected ANC president in 2007,” James said.

“Under Jacob Zuma corruption has increased along with unemployment.

“We will use the occasion of our launch in Polokwane to show that only the DA can fix the problems caused by Jacob Zuma’s leadership.”

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