Ehrenreich hits back at sex insults


Cape Town - ANC councillor Tony Ehrenreich has hit back at City Safety boss JP Smith, who told him he needed to get laid.

The two have been engaged in a war of words in recent months and it came to a head on Wednesday when Smith lashed out at Ehrenreich following allegations about a lack of safety at a school plagued by gangsterism.

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Cosatu Provincial Secretary for the Western Cape Tony Ehrenreich. Photo: David RitchieCity of Cape Town safety boss JP Smith. Photo: David Ritchie

On Tuesday Smith told the Daily Voice: “Tony needs to get laid.”

Now Ehrenreich said Smith should focus on his work and not be concerned about the ANC and Cosatu man’s sex life.

“Instead of focusing on crime he focuses on insulting me,” he said.

“And I do have a beautiful woman that I will be spending Valentine’s Day with.”

Ehrenreich is calling for Smith to be dismissed as Mayco Member for Safety and Security.

The friction was sparked by a letter Ehrenreich penned to Mayor Patricia de Lille about safety concerns at Uitsig Secondary School.

He warned City leaders that staff and pupils were vulnerable to gang attacks.

“The safety of learners is a key concern and JP focuses on dogs barking and cellphones and cars on the beach,” he wrote.

“He [Smith] spent millions on gimmicks when we need more security at schools. Crime has gotten worse during his watch.”

He says it is clear Smith cannot do his own job.

“We call for JP’s dismissal as he is incompetent and now he has exposed his bankruptcy of ideas,” he told the Daily Voice.

But Smith insists he has done a sterling job of making the city a safer place.

“I am doing my job, minimum 10 hours [daily], I have dedicated my life to my job,” he said.

“I have been hearing the same speech about ‘JP should be dismissed’.

“I have had a lot of people who say I shouldn’t quit, and that I should just ignore the man.

“If I am so bad at my job then why do I get so much positive feedback?

“I have tried to speak to Tony man-to-man and then I realised that he is backwards, a hateful man, he was disinterested.”

Smith said he now looks in the other direction when Ehrenreich speaks.

“I have learned to ignore Tony, I wasted my time when I wrote letters explaining myself. When he sees me, he sees a white man who is his enemy,” Smith explained.

“He has never been a cop, he is an ignorant man, I know what I am talking about. I go out on patrols and I have been on patrols with the cops.

“And the death toll in the city is now lower than ever before.

“He has a beef with me. Tony is the one that should be dismissed.

“He must get laid.”

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