Facebook alive with thumb pictures


Johannesburg - South Africans posted pictures and declared their excitement at casting their votes on Facebook on Wednesday.

Pictures ranged from ink fingerprints on thumbnails to long winding queues and the dropping of marked papers into ballot boxes.

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IOL's Facebook page, where you can tell your election story.

On IOL’s Facebook page, Charmaine Paterson says: “Voted Vooruitsi Kimberley - queue wasn't bad, just 30 minutes. IEC staff very friendly and well-trained.”

Leanne Reid said: “Not even 5 minutes for us to take a stand and vote for change. Well done to the people queuing and valuing their democratic right to vote. I hope they're using it responsibly.”

Elsewhere on Facebook, Paul Godwin says: “Mission accomplished”.

His status is accompanied by a picture of a white hat with the words “Your vote can make history”.

Sebrena Sodolay said: “two hour wait... and all done by 08h30!!!#Elections2014”.

Her status was accompanied by a picture of her inked thumbnail.

Earlier, she wrote a different status. It said: “Voting queue... perfect time to finish that scarf you've been knitting while having a chat.”

Below the comment is a picture of a woman sitting on a chair in a queue at a voting station, while casually knitting and talking to people.

Tracey-Jane Lucien said: “Getting our free voters coffee” at Wimpy in La Lucia Mall, KwaZulu-Natal.

Nipho Wagwaza said: “first time voting in all my 30 odd years... still in bed though.”

Gilda Narsimdas remarked: “Voting done! Hope you're all out there making your mark.”

Her comment was accompanied by a picture of her inked thumbnail.

Zukile Majova made it clear on his page that he did not want to vote.

He put up a picture of his bare thumbnail, saying: “Sorry this thumb ain't getting no ink! I refuse 2 actively participate in a system designed to allow thugs 2 continue looting taxpayers monies.” - Sapa, IOL

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