'I'm pleased that I know what happened'

Director-general in the presidency Frank Chikane is pleased that the case against apartheid-era law and order minister Adriaan Vlok and four others is over.

He spoke as he came out of the Pretoria High Court on Friday where he heard Vlok and his co-accused being sentenced to suspended prison terms in terms of a plea bargain.

They pleaded guilty to the attempted murder 18 years ago of Chikane, then a leading anti-apartheid activist.

"I'm pleased that this thing is over, and that we can move forward, and I hope that whatever happened today will be used as a way of resolving all the outstanding issues so that no one else could say 'I missed the boat'," Chikane said.

Asked whether he felt justice was served, Chikane said it was not an issue of justice but rather one of taking the country forward.

He said what was needed was that those who did not tell their full stories at the TRC would do so now.

"I'm pleased that I know what happened and that is where it ends," Chikane said. - Sapa

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