Pretoria - There was mixed reaction to President Jacob Zuma's inauguration speech at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Saturday.

Some people from an 18 000 strong crowd outside the Union Building welcomed the speech while others did not.

Louis Geldenhuis, 22, an engineering student at the University of Pretoria said Zuma's speech was positive and encouraging.

“It was very positive, he spoke very well about (the) future and economy. What he says is encouraging but what he does will be even more interesting,” he said.

Dito Maine from the North West said he was impressed when Zuma spoke of radical changes.

“I'm waiting to see that radicalness....We want to see at least two percent of disabled people employed,” he said.

However, Joyce Ramogase was not moved by the speech. She said she wanted to hear Zuma speak about employment.

“I would have loved for the president to touch more on issues of employment and what government will do. Us on the ground level are suffering and need government to help us,” she said.

Nonky Bogatsu agreed saying the country needed a leader not a president.

“All that these people do is talk, we need someone who is not power hungry and has the interest of the people at heart,” she said. - Sapa