Vote DANC: ‘You will be disappointed!’


Johannesburg - Vote DANC: our promises are empty. This is the slogan of the made-up political party, which features various politicians on its posters.

The posters combine different politicians’ faces against a rainbow background. It also combines their names – a smiling Jacob Zille, Helen Zuma and Julius de Lille.

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Made-up political party, DANC posters. Combination of Helen Zille and Jacob Zuma.
Picture: Facebook 030414Made-up political party, DANC posters. Combination of Julius Malema and the late  Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong.
Picture: Facebook 030414

One poster slogan reads “Supreme leader Maolema”, with the politician’s face superimposed on a Chairman Mao painting, complete with unicorn in the background.

Another poster with Malema’s face on it reads “If you think he’s the solution you don’t understand the problem”.

On the DANC’s “about” page it states: “We make no promises, but we do guarantee that ‘You will be dissatisfied and disappointed once you leave the PARTY!’”

Among the DANC’s guarantees are to maintain the status quo and to create opportunities for our “chosen” officials to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor and vulnerable, and ensure party officials receive benefits.

A spokesman for Xcollektive, the organisation which created the posters, said they were artists and writers, and different creatives who worked on a number of projects for non-commercial reasons.

The spokesman, who refused to give his name, said it was the organisation’s policy for members to remain anonymous.

“We try to look at serious issues in a playful way,” said the spokesman.

He said they wanted to explore why people voted, when political parties tended towards the same norms and values.

“What are the essential differences between these parties? We see very little difference, especially around the economic issues,” he said.

“What difference does it (voting) really make to people’s lives?” he asked.

“People should seriously question making a mark for a party and maybe organise themselves outside of these existing parties and form their own groups.”

He said responses ranged from finding the campaign funny to being offended.

Spokespersons for the ANC and Economic Freedom Fighters were contacted but chose not to comment.

DA leader Helen Zille said the “political party” was “meant to give people nightmares, and it does”.

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