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@ Bongiwe Mchunu, I really think you should stick to your daytime job, which according to your facebook page is Photography. It is very clear that you did not research AT ALL before printing this ludicrous story. Did you know Bongiwe that dogs hide their pain, to not disappoint their owners. Did you know that these cruel people steel smaller dogs, rabbits etc to use as bait while training their dogs. It is really shameful that the STAR allowed this story to be published in The Way it was published. The real problem with the article is that Bongiwe makes it sound as if it is okay to send your dog into a battle that might end up in DEATH. Another point I just want to mention is that Biliary (tick bite fever) is highly treatable: The only reason the dog died is because it was not taken to a vet sooner. My question is why did this dog get it in the first place: the Answer, because these dogs most probably do not get treated for ticks and fleas, another neglect on the part of the owners. The FACT Bongiwe is that this underground, cruel sport is ILLEGAL and condoning it is illegal from your part!! I hope these people get their day and end up in Jail because Jail is exactly where they belong.
Monday, October 11, 2010

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