Bring on spring - share your pictures!

August is the worst month - the time when it seems that spring will never come.

IOL is hoping to make the last of winter pass quicker by having a little fun with it - we're asking readers to send us their “winter goes on too long” pictures, or their “spring is almost here” pictures.

"Sorry dear, hate to be a nag, but that colour is awfully unflattering on you for winter," said one neigh-sayer to the other in a Boland field. This team of horses was snugly wrapped up in custom-made blankets to stave off the chilly weather. Picture: Jason Boud, Cape Argus. Credit: INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS

And we're trying a new method of sharing - Instagram.

So - get snapping, and post your seasonal pictures on Instagram, using the hashtag #bringonspring. Please also include your name and a short caption to explain your unique vision!

We'll collate them and when we have enough we will post a gallery on IOL.