Bronville, Free State -

Residents of Bronville in the Free State have welcomed Bangladeshi shop owners to their area, police said on Thursday.

Warrant Officer Malebo Khosana said the shop owners met the locals and spoke to them in a meeting arranged by the police on Wednesday.

“Police brought together Bangladeshi business people living in Bronville and they set up their own committee. The committee was introduced to the community during a meeting where the purpose was also to distribute blankets to the needy.”

Committee chairman Badol Bijoy urged the community to accept the Bangladeshi shop owners.

“You are our local families. We are prepared to help you and we need your help in return. We ask you not to rob and kill us, but instead work together with us to fight crime,” said Badol.

The shop owners and police gave residents blankets.

“The (locals) were happy. They embraced and thanked the Bangladeshi businessmen for their assistance,” said Khosana. - Sapa